Sunday, January 23, 2005

Madness Madness War

President MoronPeace is at war spreading freedom and democracy, restoring chaos to the world.

There are threats who are friends of America and terrorists hold us hostile, but the person who gets to decide, the president of everybody, a compassionate American who understands the frankly mood of the world, doesn’t need to be subliminable.

With his weapons of mass production and a desire to conflict great harm, having won the trifecta and passed his moment of accountability, the tough talking texan now has fire in the mind and a great passion for whatever you want to call it.

President Moron is the laughing stock of the world, we’re all eagerly waiting to see what monstrous debacle he will proceed with next. Surrounded by fawning sycophants, oozing smugness and insularity, feigning magnanimity, the poor deluded fool plunges ever deeper into his nightmare of homocidal megalomania.

Trapped in a fantasy realm far removed from reality, the great dictator and his coterie of lunatic ideologues are clearly oblivious to the calamity unfolding around them. This is great news for the opponents of American Empire Inc., but not so great for all those Americans who value their international reputation.

Goaded by the growling gall of Dick Cheney and the bombastic belligerence of Don Rumsfeld, steeped in the hubris of dynastic privilege and the conceit of unbridled power, George Bush has embraced a mission as dangerous as it is demented.

The inevitable consequence will be a greatly weakened and humiliated America, untold thousands of dead and maimed, billions of dollars wasted, rampant violence and mayhem, global insecurity, environmental devastation and universal opprobrium.

So bring  ’em on, Mr Bush...   let’s see more of your
innovative and resourceful ways to harm America.

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