Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Terrorist war hysteria

profits despotic regimes.

Terrorist war hysteria

creates a climate of fear and insecurity

which despots use to justify draconian laws

increase the power of the executive branch

promote public acceptance of intrusive policing

foster submission to state authority and a

willingness to surrender personal rights

    *     *     *     *     *

Terrorists hate our freedoms

they hate our values

so let’s surrender them

let’s discard our civil rights

let’s capitulate to the terrorists

let’s forgo our liberties, in the name of terror

let’s accept random bag searches, random body searches

let’s embrace summary executions, torture

presumption of guilt, detention without charge ...

Our governments want to hand victory to the terrorists.

They willingly surrender our rights to the terrorists.

The terrorists are no doubt greatly encouraged

to see how easily we surrender our rights and freedoms.

It looks like our governments are helping the terrorists win.

Or are the terrorists actually helping our governments

providing the authorities an excuse to increase control

Are the terrorists actually government black-ops

designed to provide cover for the preparations

in anticipation of impending calamity

the inevitable depletion of oil

Do the anti-terror laws have a more sinister purpose?

Are they to be used to silence dissent and intimidate critics?

Will they be used to suppress and disrupt civil protest?

As oil depletion constricts supply and energy prices soar

as factories and airlines and transport companies flounder

as farmers go broke and labourers are laid off

as the public rails against inflation

as the ranks of the homeless and unemployed swell

as protests and general strikes and civil unrest erupt on the streets

will the government be disappearing the trouble makers

with these anti-terror laws

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