Saturday, May 06, 2006

American humour

The Washington Post headline reads

U.S. Warns Russia to Act More Like A Democracy...

Haha hah a haha hah ahaha hahaha hahaha, hahahahaha hah a haha haha hah ahah allah akbah ah ahahaha hahahahaha, haha hahahaha haha haha haha hah a haha hah aha hahahaha hahahahaha haha hahahaha hahahahahaha.

Ha haha? Hahaha haha. Ha hah a hate hahahaha haha hahahaha. Ha haha liar aha hah a hah aha. Haha hahahaha haha hahaha hah aha haha hahahaha – hah ahahaha hahaha hahahaha. Ha hah ahahaha hahaha hah a haha hah a haha hahahaha haha. Haha haha haha haha haha kill aha hah ahaha.

Ha hahahaha haha hahahaha, hahahaha hah a haha hahaha hah aha, haha haha hahahahaha hahaha hah ahaha hahahaha. Haha hah ahahahahahaha hill aha haha – haha hahaha, haha hahaha, haha hahaha-hahaha. Ha haha haha hah aha haha. Haha haha haha?

Ha hah aha haha hahahaha. Hahaha hah aha haha hah a 9/11 haha hahaha hah aha hah ahaha ha, hahaha hah a hahaha hahaha. Haha hahahaha haha hahaha fall aha hahahaha hah ahahaha, hah aha haha hah ahaha hahaha. Hahaha hahaha hah ahaha hahahahahaha hell ahaha hehe hahahahaha.

That's a good one :-0

Is it "Do as I say, not as I do"

or should it be

"Practice what you preach"

America has a choice to make, and there is no question that a return to democratic reform in America will generate further success for its people and greater respect among fellow nations.

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