Monday, May 25, 2009

The crunch is coming

9/11 was a hoax, steel frame skyscrapers don't crush themselves to dust at freefall speed, not in the real world. Al Quaeda couldn't shutdown US air defences, they couldn't manipulate the masses into believing the obviously ridiculous official conspiracy theory, they couldn't even take a crap without some Criminally Insane Agency holding their hand.

The people who pulled off 9/11 cynically exploited their attack on humanity to justify murdering millions more in their so-called War on Terror. Their objective, clearly, is to take control of the worlds rapidly dwindling oil and gas reserves. They will kill anyone who stands in their way and they're not about to change course. They own the politicians, they own the media, they use them to brainwash the masses.

The emporer is not just naked, he's stark raving mad, and as much as we'd like to believe otherwise, we're in deep shit. These people have no problem lying to us, they don't mind killing folk, if that's what the emporer orders.

Slaves to the system; patsies, minions, goons... we're surrounded by them, they inhabit every dank corner of bureaucracy and every echelon of the corporate hierarchy... craven fools and servants of the oligarchs. They can't think for themselves, they have to be told what to do and what to fear, they believe whatever the TV and newspapers spew at them.

But the tide is turning, more and more people are waking up to the lie, they're turning away from the hatred and fear that's been forced down their necks by the mindless moronic media and the corrupt polity of the establishment.

People are pooling their talents and their wisdom now in ways that trouble the ruling elite, and the control exerted through manufactured terror is losing its power. The more recognition there is of the corruption and the destruction and the violence that is engendered by this clique of filthy rich, obscenely powerful individuals, the less they will get away with.

We don't need their war, we don't need their industry, we don't need their pollution, we don't need their terror, but they need us to remain ignorent and dull and pathetic and gullible and credulous and eager to swallow whatever crap they choose to serve up on the nightly news. We don't need cars and computers and television to survive, but they do need armies and wars and mass murder to maintain their power and privilege.

We must starve the beast. Don't submit to their mind control, turn off the propaganda machine, turn your back and walk away from the abuse and the insults and the mind numbing trivia they want you to consume. Find solace and truth by living simply, consuming little and avoiding the system. Join with friends to grow your own food and learn how to live close to nature, in simple structures.

Get off fossil fuels, reduce your energy consumption, give up television and newspapers, ignore the establishment, quit working for the system and get well clear of suburbia, because the crunch is coming, and it ain't gonna be a pleasant sight.

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